Memories of a Snow Day

It’s not often we get snow along the coastline.  Even if we do, it never sticks.  On a cold winter evening in January of 2018, it began to snow.  The downpour began around 5:30 pm and didn’t stop until around 9pm.  The kids were all excited waking up the next morning to four inches of fun and so was I.  It’s two days later and the snow is slowly disappearing.  It left an icy mess once it began to melt, but it was fun while it lasted.

What’s the meaning of this story you ask?

This snow day made me think of people in general.  Some people you see all the time, others not as often.  They only come around once in a blue moon.  The people you don’t see as often, it’s an exciting occasion when you do.  You do things you don’t normally do, like take time off of work and school.  When they’re gone, you miss them; but the memories you’ve made in that short period of time will last a lifetime, even without the promise of seeing them again.


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