Lana Campbell ~ Author Interview

Behind The Scenes


Lana Campbell

Lana Campbell

Hello Book Fanatics,

The more people you meet, the brighter your world becomes. So in the spirit of getting to know someone new, Lana Campbell is coming through to hang out with us today. If you want to know more about her work, pop over to the blog facebook page and check it out. She’ll be with us throughout the day.

Before you go over, take a look ‘Behind The Scenes’.

Author Interview Questions

1. What is your Author pen name?

Lana Campbell

2. What genre(s) do you write & why?

Paranormal romance. I love creating world with larger than life characters that possess extraordinary powers. My vampires in my stories are very human-like. They are mammals. They eat, hold jobs, have babies, but have psychic and telekinetic abilities and are stronger creatures than humans.

3. What inspired you to become an author?

I’ve always been an avid reader of romance. Years ago I had an urge to write my own romance and so I did, but it took years to get to get my work to a point it was publish worthy.

4. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Best have a passion for writing. If you’re constantly thinking about the book you want to write and spending every spare moment writing, you will succeed. There has to be a deep desire in your soul to put words on paper in order to get a book written, make it good and get it published.

5. What do you like the most and least about being an author?

I love to write so creating a book is something I love. But the marketing of a book is very hard for me. I don’t know enough about that and it makes it hard to sell books. It’s frustrating to get my name out there so people know who I am and will buy my books.

6. Have you ever had writer’s block?  If so, what did you do to get past it?

Yes, I often get writer’s block and I’ve found that I just can’t power through this issue. So I put the book away for a day or so, spend a little time thinking about where I got stumped, then go back to it after a few days and usually I have a refreshed view point.

7. Who are your favorite authors?

Nora Roberts and Christine Feehan

8. What’s next for you; any upcoming events, new releases and etc.?

I’m writing a vampire series. My first book Forever and a Night came out 4/26/16. My second book in the series, Dark Experiments came out 5/21/17. I’m excited to announce my third book will be released 9/30/17. It’s Deadly Secrets which is about a human doctor who is an OB/GYN for vampires, Dr. Chelsie Peebles. Sadly she discovers she has an incurable glioblastoma and no form of treatment known to humans will save her life. There is one cure, but it’s radical. She must turn into a vampire. She keeps her illness a secret from everyone in her life, including her partners in her OB/GYN practice. Her three partners are vampires and she asks them to use the V clinic’s facility to conduct the procedure that will turn her into a vampire. Because they don’t know she’s dying, they refuse. But one of her partners, Dr. Asa Bradley wants to understand what’s driving Chelsie to want to become vampire. As he becomes more involved in a quest to find out what’s driving her, attraction heats up between Chelsie and Asa. Chelsie is incredibly attracted to Asa, but what future can they have? She’s dying. But if she can convince him to help her get this procedure done that will turn her into a vampire, they might have a chance at romance.

9. Where can we find you and your work?

Forever and a Night (Forever and a Night B1) – Amazon:

Dark Experiments (Forever and a Night B2) – Amazon:

Deadly Secrets (Forever and a Night B3) – Amazon:

This is my street team address. I’d love for people to join my street team to find out more about my books, special events, and I also often post about what I’m writing about.



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