Small Fry, Big Fry

You’re just a small fry in a big box full of big fries.  Being the small fry can be hard.  It can be discouraging.  The small fry has to work three times as hard and three times as long as the big fries, just to be on the same level.

My advice to the small fries:  There’s an upside to being the small fry.  Hang in there.  All the sweat and tears it takes to level up will pay off in the end.  One day, you too, will be a big fry.

My advice to the big fries:  Once you level up, don’t forget that there are still small fries in the box.  You weren’t the only one and you won’t be the last to level up.  Help the small fries, because one day; they’ll be a big fry too.

Moral of the story:  You never know who you may need along the way.  Don’t burn bridges.  Try to help where help is needed.  There is always someone in the box of fries bigger than you, and one of those small fries that you neglected on the way up may be your downfall if they surpass you.

Copyright©2017 Angela K Parker


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