ALNLTP – Excerpt

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A Life No Less Than Perfect by Angela K Parker
YA Contemporary Romance

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Things seem to be moving in slow motion right now. I get in the car. Mike closes the door and I watch him walk around to his side to get in. I’m here, but my mind is back in the studio; in the moment.

When we first got there, I thought, okay I can do this. My nerves were in shambles. Then we walked in and that Lacy girl pretended like I didn’t even exist. I can’t believe she was flirting with him while I was standing right there. I got so angry. I wanted to say something…do something, but I didn’t. Mike doesn’t belong to me. I know he said I would be his one and only, but for how long? This was our first official date. Who knows what might happen in the next couple of hours. So I pushed it down and stayed quiet. As much as she tried though, he didn’t seem to notice her. What is wrong with him? She was pretty. Yet, he didn’t even bat an eye.


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