The Push That I Needed

I have many people in my life that support me, but one of those people gave me that extra push without even realizing it.  As I’ve said before, becoming an author is something that I’ve always wanted to do, but there were so many excuses I could come up with why I couldn’t “at the time”.  I’m going to tell you how this all started for me.  On Christmas of 2015, I received a journal from my Aunt Nell.  I knew that it was something that I would use, but at the time I didn’t know what it would be used for.  That journal sat in my home for two months before I decided what it would be used for.  On February 29, 2016, I wrote the opening lines to my current novel.  Because of the many excuses I had, that journal sat in my home for a whole year after that.  It wasn’t until January of 2017 that I finally said, I’m going to do this.  I will make time; no more procrastinating.  Here I am, five months later, and I’m about to share my characters with the world.  It’s still hard to believe it’s really happening.  I appreciate everyone so much, but I want to thank my Aunt Nell for giving me my journal that I didn’t know what to do with; the journal that I now use everyday.  Thank you for watering that seed inside my head and encouraging it to grow.  This is a prime example of the affect your actions can have on someone else.

Here are the first few lines in my journal and the first lines in my novel.







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