Cold Fascination – Book Review


COLD FASCINATION (Dr. Feelgood Book 1) by Mona Moore


What does a high-dollar divorce lawyer do when she walks in on her husband “de-briefing” his secretary? How does she get back to objectively mediating when it’s way too close to home?

Scarlett is devastated by her husband’s affair and the divorce. Getting back to work is just the distraction she needs. The partners at Scarlett’s law firm have their concerns- ordering therapy for the mediator. Add in her mother’s push at getting back to the dating scene and Scarlett has enough crap on her plate to stop her in her tracks.

Until . . .

Dr. Charles Winters is hot and bright like the sun, but cool -almost cold in how he greets the world. Is it clinical professionalism? Or does the good doctor have his own baggage to deal with?

My Review:

Noooo…I want more.  Very good, fast read. Sensual and tasteful. Enjoyed it a lot. Two strong personalities with an immediate attraction to one another.  Huge cliffhanger…

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