X and Y

X knew that he’d messed up when his crankiness caused him to snap at her.  It wasn’t intentional.  He didn’t mean it, but it happened.  He’d had a stressful time at work that day, and usually he was able to tamper down his emotions; but today was different somehow.

Instead of taking his daily walk, he took all of his pent-up frustration straight home; and Y was the unlucky recipient of his rage.  All Y did was notice and voice that X was home early that day.  X took her statement the wrong way.  X screamed and came very close to hitting Y, but stopped himself.  Y, having never experienced this side of him before, was startled by his reaction.

Y told X that he needed to get some help, and he did.  Once X got the help that he needed and changed the things that needed to be changed, he has been happy.  And Y? She stuck by him through his lowest point and she never witnessed that side of him again.

Lessons learned:

  1.  Don’t let your crankiness be you’re downfall.
  2.  If you’re not happy with your situation, change it.
  3.  Sometimes all someone needs is someone else’s motivation and encouragement.

via Daily Prompt: Cranky


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