Jenny’s Reward

News of Jenny’s good deed, spread wildly throughout the school.  In the span of one day she was well recognized, as the girl who gave up her shoes.  She didn’t do it for recognition.  So all of the attention was modestly received.  She thought about the other girl, and how she must be feeling.  She had to find the girl.  She didn’t want her to feel embarrassed.  She wondered how the news got out.  She certainly didn’t do it.  Jenny found the girl on the bus that evening.  She asked her if she was okay.  The girl smiled widely at her and said, “thank you”.  Jenny didn’t know what to say.  The girl went on to tell her, how much she appreciated what she’d done.  She’d never in her life, experienced that degree of kindness from anyone.  Jenny’s heart swelled as she listened.  She was completely floored.  This was more than what she’d ever expected.  She couldn’t have received a more humbling reward.


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