Jenny’s Pause

Jenny is a little girl, who came home without her shoes.

Her mother got home early that day, oh what was she to do?

She was hesitant to enter her home, terrified of what her mother would say.

So she slowed her steps as she reached the door…she paused so she could think.

She took a deep breath and entered, not yet knowing how to justify,

Why she came home with no shoes, and red rimmed teary eyes.

Too her surprise she didn’t have to, because her mother already knew,

Why her sweet baby Jenny, came home without her shoes.

You see, a little girl sat next to Jenny on the bus that day;

And her shoes were barely wearable.

Without even thinking twice about it,

Jenny gave up the ones she had on.

The bus driver didn’t notice, until he’d already driven off.

So he gave her mom a call, to let her know what her daughter had done.

Her mother was not angry.

She was proud of her little girl.

For Jenny had taken the time to pause,

And think about someone other than herself.




via Daily Prompt: Pause


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